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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tutors experienced ?

Yes they are well experienced tutors for individual coaching. They are assigned the tuition as per the syllabus they are expert in.

Are they school teachers?

No they are not. We send the teachers who are expert in making one to one connect with the student, understand their needs and plan the teaching accordingly.

Do they conduct test?

Yes, there are periodic tests conducted.

How do you ensure, my child will get teacher as per his need.

We conduct counselling session with the student before appointing the teacher. This helps us in understanding the study pattern of the student. Accordingly we appoint the most suitable teacher.

What if I'm not happy with the teacher.?

Please let us know about the discomfort, we will change the teacher.

What if the teacher falls sick before the exams?

Generally teachers are regular, but if due to any unavoidable circumstances, they take leave, a replacement will be arranged immediately.

Will there be one teacher for all subjects?

For primary section there will be one teacher, for secondary different teachers for different subject groups and for higher secondary subject wise teachers are appointed.

Can we get a female teacher?


Are the teachers trustworthy?

Security of the students is our primary concern. All the necessary steps are taken to ensure this.

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