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About Us

Brilliant Tutors Academy was established in 1994.

Since then we are Leaders in the Market. The aim of our tuition bureau was to meet the needs of students wanting to excel in their academic careers by hiring a quality private tutor . Since then, we have not looked back and have continued growing, expanding our tutoring services across the city of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Bangalore. We are the top tutor bureau catering to demands of students and tutors and will continue to do so in the coming years too!

We have the best of team - experienced staff and independent, competent tutors that take pride in serving students. We have an excellent network of teachers and we specialize in providing experienced and Qualified Home Tutors. Our teachers are ones with great potential, skill and training

Our goal is to provide excellent tutors to cater for your child’s individual academics needs. We undertake each assignment (teaching 1st grade student) or (training for Competitions - etc.) with equal importance.

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Why Home Tuitions

Personal Mentor

You believe your child’s results will improve with one-one tutoring and you are looking for a Personal Mentor for your child.

Needs Individual Guidance

Your child is not comfortable joining tuition centers and needs Individual guidance.Your child has little time and many subjects to handle.

Security Issues

Traffic woes and security issues make you opt for Home Tuitions.


Home Tuition allows the convenience of learning at home at your suitable time



Education is an investment of a lifetime. Child’s Education is very important.Parents are finding less time to tutor children


Regular teacher, Student review with 360 degree feedback

Educational needs

An experienced Home Tutor easily meets the student’s educational needs.There is at home convenience, daily monitoring and better results hiring a home tutor

Our Mission

To touch the lives of students, help them realize their potential and attain optimum success in their life

Our Vision

Often learning is misunderstood with cramming. Whereas learning has a broader perspective. It helps us evolve, to reach to our optimum level. BTA helps students to enrich their learning techniques to help them not only in academics but in all aspects of life.

Our Team

Mr. Sanjay Singh

Mr. Sanjay Singh founded the Brilliant Tutors Academy in 1994. He is qualified in Education Technology and Child Psychology and knows the need of the child. Armed with an experience of so many years, he keeps a positive, optimistic outlook that no matter how bad or how good a student’s academic situation is, that it can be improved or made better through proactive responses.

Mrs. Pushpa Singh

Mrs. Pushpa Singh is qualified in Counseling Psychology and is also experienced in HR. She is able to match the teacher requirement with the student’s ability. She excellently matches our best tutor to your teaching assignment before suggesting you the same and provides the best genuine home tuition matching services for parents. Her belief is that we are more than just a tutoring company. We are an organization with a passion for helping children succeed in education... and in life.

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